Datsun GO Facelift Review & Test Drive

Datsun GO Overview

If style is what you are looking for at the lowest and most affordable prices, the Datsun GO is the perfect car for you. An ideal car for first time buyers, you get the feeling of buying something very classy when you choose the Datsun GO. You have the technological brilliance of the Japanese car giant, Nissan working in your favour. One of the few cars to have made their global debut in India, the Datsun GO has the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto K10 as its main competitors.

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The Datsun GO images can be alluring to look at. In fact, you would just feel the itch to have a test drive, just to experience the feel of sitting inside a classy car. The Datsun GO specifications are very much similar to that of the Nissan’s Micra. You have the similar compact body while being spacious all the time. The major objective of Nisan is to cater to the dreams of the first time car buyers in the Tier 2 and the Tier 3 cities of India. The Datsun GO exterior is definitely impressive in comparison to its immediate competitors. With six variants in this price range, the Datsun GO does offer a great choice while being economical all the same. It is very difficult to get a car as spacious as the Datsun GO in this price range. The Datsun GO interior can accommodate five persons easily without anyone having to squeeze in. These are some of the attractive Datsun GO features that should entice you to opt for this hatchback in comparison to their peers. This vehicle saves cabin space by including the hand brake and the gear shift lever on the dashboard. You have some unique features such as the mobile docking point and the rear folding seats to increase cargo space as very interesting ones

Datsun GO Exterior

Similar is the case with the Indian car market. The sub 4-metre and the small size engine duty have made the business a bit too complicated for car manufacturers. Compact-size sedans and even SUVs are making their way, with some compromise. However, Datsun has introduced a larger hatch called as the Datsun GO. It is being marketed as a compact utility vehicle and does it do that? We take it for a weekend camping trip and find out how much of the addition exists.View Price & Offers on Datsun GO in Jaipur at CarzPrice

The PLUS stands for the larger boot and additional third row of seating. The Datsun GO, and it shows the striking resemblance. The fascia’s of both are the same and the body design is the same till the rear door. After which the belt line rises as you move towards the rear and even the wheel haunches are protuberant. The blacked-out door pillar after the rear door (C-pillar) has a lesser glass area and this makes it very prominent. The roof also gently slopes downwards towards the rear. The boot lid of the Datsun GO is a new body part and the tail lamps are the same as the GO. The rear bumper looks stylish and does look muscular.

The length of the Datsun GO is under 4 metres, so it is as long as the Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. However, what this offers is extra flexibility with another row of seating or a humongous boot, when compared to the compact sedans and SUVs. As the ground clearance is the same, it drives like any other compact car and is easy to manoeuvre through tight city lanes with a turning radius of 4.6 metres.

Datsun GO Interior

The interiors of the Datsun GO are not really exciting after examining the mature exteriors. There is this ordinary and basic feeling which you get out of the dashboard when you enter the cabin. The light colour tones are used well though, giving a sense of good space. The seat fabric includes Jacquard finish on the top of the line variant, while others have plain finish. The dashboard uses dual tone beige colour with a black central console. The steering wheel feels good to hold, which is a three spoke unit with a big horn pad (but the horn has a monotone). The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read, which has a gear shift guide on the speedometer. There is a small LCD digital screen below the speedometer that displays tachometer, fuel level, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel efficiency, trip computer and distance to empty.

The controls and stalks are derived from the Nissan Micra that feel good to use and provide tactile feedback. The air conditioning is quite effective and those Micra inspired circular vents are convenient to use with good air throw. The inside rear view mirrors as well as outside mirrors have good visibility but the sad thing is, the ORVMs are manually adjustable without stalks. Power windows are provided only at the front and the driver doesn’t have the additional switch to control the passenger side window. The overall quality feels good and sturdy.

Now let’s talk about the Mobile Docking Station that is being offered as standard across all GO variants. It is a gimmick that can attract many buyers but look at it the other way round and you will realise that it’s a clever cost saving technique. Nissan believes that there is a huge growth in smartphone ownership in India and that’s a fact. Keeping that in mind, they have offered a convenient docking system with two front speakers, which have average sound quality. The system includes a docking unit for your phone, AUX input for audio and USB port for charging your phone along with power button and volume control. There is a 12V accessory socket as well, provided below the AC controls. So if you have a smartphone with internet connection you can play music, access navigation, attend call hands-free, etc. on-the-‘GO’.

In order to maximize space inside the cabin, Datsun has provided a dashboard mounted gearlever and handbrake lever. The gearlever is placed at a convenient place but the handbrake lever gets fidgety and fouls with a tall driver’s knee. Now that the gearlever and handbrake has been positioned onto the dashboard, what about the space left in between? That’s called the ‘assist’ surface, which is attached to the front passenger seat. This little space is not intended to be used as an extra seat and it shouldn’t be used as one because there’s no seat belt and it would be cramped. The assist surface is provided to place goods like bags, coats, maps, etc. so that they are close at hand. In our congested parking situations, this arrangement helps when you have parked your car in a tight space and you can’t open your door, so one can quickly hop onto the passenger seat without touching anything and get out of the car.

There are many storage zones at the front and none at the back. The door pockets can hold 1.5-litres of bottles and then there is some space under the steering wheel for mobile phones, parking tickets, coins and so forth. The glove box is deep and can accommodate many things but its open and there is no lid provided to keep things safe. There is a small pit on top of the dash too, where you can keep knick knacks. There are no ceiling-mounted grab handles at the front, they are only provided for rear passengers.

In addition to dashboard mounted gearlever and handbrake, the seats are thin with integrated headrests that contribute further more in cabin space. So there is decent amount of legroom for all the passengers but the seats are not supportive, especially the rear bench, which is flat. The integrated headrests at the rear are too low, providing minimum neck support. The front seats still offer decent back support. However, head room is ample and the Datsun GO can accommodate five people with decent comfort. The rear seatbelts don’t have a pullback mechanism and instead they rest on a hook, so you have to adjust the seatbelts every time you sit at the back and place it on to the hook thereafter.

The Datsun GO gets 275-litres of class leading boot space, which can swallow a good load of luggage easily. The rear seats can be folded down flat for more cargo space. However, you can only open the hatch from the internal boot release, as the tailgate doesn’t have a key lock. There are no dampening elements on the tailgate, so every time you shut the hatch, there is a harsh and tinny noise. Now there are some convenient and first in segment features such as the Intelligent Wiper System (IWS), which is a speed sensing system that has variable wiping intervals depending on the speed of the vehicle. Then there are Follow Me Home headlamps. Before locking the car, you simply pull the headlamp flasher once that illuminates using the headlights for 30 seconds. Two pulls will leave the lights on for a minute, three pulls for 90 seconds and four for two minutes.

Datsun GO Engine & Transmission

The engine on the Datsun GO is the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that produces 67bhp of power and 104Nm of peak torque. The power ratings are the same as the GO, but as the weight has been increased by 38kgs, the engine tuning has been changed for better drivability. Lesser insulation makes the engine a tad noisy, but for this price you can’t get anything better. The power produced by the engine is sufficient for city or even highway driving and the Datsun GO has the biggest size engine of the lot. This means there is more torque to pull easily in the city, with one of the best acceleration in this segment. There is a lot of vibration at idling.

The five-speed box manual transmission is mounted on the centre console and this makes it easy to shift, as the positioning is very convenient. The GO runs a fuel efficiency of about 14-16km/l in the mix of city and highway driving.As the GO has a longer body with the same wheelbase, the suspension has been stiffened to avoid it from bottoming out.The ride is good and you do not feel uncomfortable even on bad roads. The handling is good for its size and it doesn’t feel scary. The steering wheel is light and even the brakes bite well.

Datsun GO Performance and Handling

The Datsun GO is based on the Nissan Micra’s V-platform, which is known for good handling and ride. The ride quality is amazing and unbeatable by the rivals. It feels a few segments above its class. The long travel of the suspension and linear damper makes the ride flat in most conditions but on really bad roads, the suspension gives that thumping feeling. Now because of the long suspension travel and small tyres the body roll is pronounced, otherwise the handling is good and it responds well. The electronic power steering has torque sensing motor and it is speed sensitive, so the feedback is linear.

The steering wheel is light and easy at city speeds and weighs up nicely at high speeds. Datsun GO’s another strong character is its high speed stability. It can munch miles with confidence at speeds above 100 km/hr. The 13-inch tyres make the ride a bit bouncy at extreme speeds but the steering has no drama and vibrations are under control. Crosswinds tend to affect the car on highways because of the light weight. The NVH is on the weaker side, as the engine and wind noise is quite apparent at high speeds. There is no ABS so the braking performance isn’t confidence inspiring and the tyres tend to lock early and screech. However, brake bite is good and it sheds speed relatively quick, doing 80 km/hr to 0 in 33 metres.

Datsun GO Braking and Safety

Having set its price range in the most economical band, it is natural that you should not expect all the safety features in the Datsun GO. The vehicle does have disc brakes on the front wheel but lacks the auto braking system. Hence, experiencing wheel lock-ups especially when you brake hard is common. Though the car might tend to change its direction a bit during this procedure, it still manages to feel stable at high speeds. The suspension can make the car feel a bit bouncy on the uneven roads. As far as the overall Datsun Braking and Safety is concerned, you have seat belts for all the passengers. It can be difficult to imagine Nissan providingairbags at this pricing level. Some of the important Datsun GO features are the engine immobiliser, child locks, and the manual central locking system.

Datsun GO Price

Datsun Go Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 3,27,111/- (Go D) to 4,27,785/- (Go T Optional). Get best offers for Datsun Go from Datsun Dealers in India

Datsun GO Conclussion

The Datsun GO is being targeted at first time car buyers in India and if you are one of them, you will notice that your checklist tallies all the right boxes with the GO. Nissan’s new entry-level hatchback is big in size and has smart styling cues that will make you give it a second glance after parking it. It has ample amount of space to accommodate five people and good load of luggage with ease. The GO offers some smart features while keeping the costs in check. The frugal yet powerful engine along with the mature suspension setup makes driving easy and comfortable in city as well as highways. Yes, cost cutting is evident and it lacks the necessary safety features but at the end of the day, it’s offering huge bang for your buck and is a tough nut to crack in this segment.

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