Here Are 5 Tips On How To Get More Instagram Followers

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The Instagram game has changed from what it used to be. Getting new followers is more difficult than a few years ago. Everyone is getting fewer likes and less reach.

If you want to get more Instagram followers in 2018, you’re going to need to relook your approach and strategy.

Business accounts have the opportunity to expand their brand on Instagram, as it provides a platform to showcase business products and recruit future employees. And of course, generate new business.For SEO Pricing in London visit Vivid SEO.

Here are tips on how to get more Instagram followers:

Design a great profile

Your profile is what will determine if a follower will stay and potentially click on the follow button. You need to pay attention to what your Instagram feed looks like as there are various themes, and styles you can create for your feed.

Make sure that your profile is public, as this will allow for everyone to be able to view your page.

Instagram stories and live videos

Instagram stories have become key to engaging with your audience. But did you know that Instagram stories can also assist you to get more Instagram followers?

Instagram stories allows you to interact with your audience in a different way via 15-second vertical videos. The stories will appear on the Instagram explore page, and this is where people get to discover accounts.

Add hashtags or locations to your stories.For Best web development company in New York visit RavisNY.

Live videos are also a popular way to attract new followers. You can feature a new product or just have a relevant discussion live on Instagram.

Find the right hashtag

Hashtags are essential on Instagram. They make your posts discoverable to people who are searching for content related to your brand or industry, using the hashtag.

Find out what hashtags are popular (and related to your product) and use them. This will bring new traffic to your account. You can even come up with your own hashtag to support your product or brand.

Try not using too many hashtags on a post as it can be distracting for your audience and your message may be lost, or you can come off as being spam.

Plug your account

Promote your account, but not on Instagram. Use your other social media platforms to promote your Instagram account. Get featured by doing a podcast interview, or by getting featured on someone else’s blog.To know more information on SEO Servies check Stsoft

Every time you get featured make sure to promote your Instagram handle. Boost your Instagram posts Ads on Instagram are not as popular as Facebook ads, but they do help with a new reach and getting engagement.

It is really easy to boost Instagram posts but your account does need to be a business account to be able to boost a post. All you need to do is create your post, and click on the ‘promote’ button.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks can assist you to stay ahead on your Instagram game.

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