Mahindra Scorpio Facelift First Look Review


Mahindra Scorpio Overview

Fifteen years is a long time but the Mahindra Scorpio indeed continues to be the manufacturer’s most popular SUV since its 2002 launch. Its biggest appeal lies in the fact that in a world where crossovers are jostling for space the Scorpio is still a hard-core, old-school SUV. The second generation Scorpio was launched in 2014 which has only helped its fan base grow stronger, as apart from being a butch SUV the Scorpio is now also a more comfortable, plusher family vehicle. And while I personally didn’t think the Scorpio was beginning to look dated, I cannot deny it could have done with some more power. Mahindra has just addressed the issue while also sprucing up the Scorpio’s looks.

Mahindra Scorpio Design

Not much to cover here. The grille has let go of the whiskers and now wears 7 slats adopted from the Imperio pickup. Sounds familiar to any other well known SUV brand? Anyway, it does make the Scorpio look more imposing which goes hand in hand with its generous proportions. It also gets a slightly tweaked bumper with new fog lamps with cornering function to complete the new front look.Check for Mahindra Scorpio  price in Chennai at Tryaldrive.

The alloy wheels are still 17-inchers, but the new simple 5-spoke design looks mature. You now also get turn indicators on outside mirrors which makes the SUV feel more premium. The rear has been worked on to look more mature as well. Gone is the chunky cladding and angular lines, instead replaced by a clean design with taillamps that get red lenses instead of transparent ones. That said, we liked the older ones better. But aside from these minor differences, it’s the same old Mahindra Scorpio.

Mahindra Scorpio Cabin

The S11 variant gets new additions on the inside in the form of the dark grey faux-leather seat upholstery, embellished with a dark blue weave pattern that goes well with the cabin, and gear lever and steering wheel wrapped in the same faux leather.Apart from this, the interiors don’t deviate from the current vehicle and everything seems familiar. The driver’s seat gives you a commanding view of the road and surroundings through its vast glasshouse. The plastic quality still leaves a lot to be desired; for example, the door handles feel like they could break off if you pull them too hard.

In terms of equipment, it gets a new dynamic parking camera that helps indicate the vehicle’s trajectory while parking. It is a nice feature to have if you are attempting a reverse manoeuvre with a vehicle the size of the Scorpio. Power windows get a delayed-operation feature post engine shut down, while the driver side window also gets an auto roll-up feature when you lock the vehicle. Also sure to come in handy are a couple of new utility spaces, including a mobile holder slot near the gear lever and a sunglass holder near the inside rear-view mirror.

Other features that are carried forward are the touchscreen infotainment system that impresses overall, but sadly does not feature Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which, today, is fast becoming de rigueur. Micro-hybrid technology, a tyre pressure monitoring system, rain-sensing wiper and automatic headlamps also get carried forward.In terms of safety, the Scorpio gets dual airbags and ABS on all variants except the base S3.

Mahindra Scorpio Performance

The new gearbox comes with a self-adjusting clutch that Mahindra claims will offer consistent feel without calling for more effort over extended usage. The clutch pedal indeed called for very little effort while gear changes were more positive sans the older unit’s rubbery feel. While the reduced clutch effort should make for more comfortable drives in traffic, the positive shifts should offer a more engaging feel. The revised VGT makes for a sprightlier feel as soon as you start moving, as peak torque is now available earlier.

The punchy feel continues as revs go up and power delivery is linear with a consistent surge beyond 3000rpm. We couldn’t test the new Scorpio for acceleration, but I am certain it will post noticeably quicker 0-100kmph times in a VBOX test. The engine also feels calmer with lesser vibration, while NVH levels are better, making for a quieter in-cabin experience even at above 100kmph. Of course, having an additional gear helps matter, as the engine is revving lower now at say 100kmph, which should also improve fuel efficiency over longer drives.

The six-speed gearbox uses a new shift pattern too, and to slot into reverse you now need to push the lever further to the left beyond first. This is slightly confusing and will take some getting used to, as I ended up engaging reverse instead of first several times, though thankfully as a safety feature a loud beep informs you that reverse gear has been engaged and not first.The Scorpio continues to use Mahindra’s third generation body on frame chassis that was introduced in 2014, while the suspension has been tweaked to handle the additional power.

Mahindra Scorpio Driving

The Scorpio is a tall, ladder-on-frame SUV. It’s even taller than the Toyota Fortuner and that shows in the way it handles. There is quite a bit of body roll on corners, but the facelift deals with it slightly better than the older car. The suspension takes small undulations well, but on broken roads, it tends to throw you from side to side. This experience is felt more on the rear seats, with passengers really getting tossed around. Even in the front, the shallow bolstering of seats don’t help and and you have to hold on the steering to maintain balance.To know more details on Mahindra Scorpio  check Stsoft

Where this softness really helps is when the roads end. It soaks up all kinds of small surface undulations and lets you glide over everything. In the city too, speed breakers are nullified with utmost calm. And when it comes to steering, you don’t get much feedback when turning at higher speeds but it is heavy and lets you stay confident. That said, this heaviness takes a toll in the city, especially when making u-turns.

Mahindra Scorpio Safety

The Mahindra Scorpio is pretty healthy in terms of braking and safety, except the base model. The top-end Mahindra Scorpio car has dual safety airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system and seat belt warning. ABS, along with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) is also given in the top model. However, child safety lock and vehicle immobilizer are added as standard across all the variants.

Mahindra Scorpio Price in Chennai

Mahindra Scorpio On Road Price is 13,47,585/- and Ex-showroom Price is 11,00,239/- in Chennai. Mahindra Scorpio comes in 8 colours, namely Molten Red,Getaway Rocky Beige,Fiery Black,Getaway Fiery Black,Getaway Mist Silver,Diamond White,Mist Silver,Adventure Edition White. Mahindra Scorpio comes with 2WD with 2179 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 120 bhp@4000 rpm and Peak Torque 280 Nm@1800-2800 rpm DRIVE TRAIN 2WD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Mahindra Scorpio comes with Manual Transmission with 2WD .

Mahindra Scorpio Bottomline

While prices for the 75hp, 2.5-litre (older) engine variant of the facelifted Scorpio start at Rs 9.97 lakh, the new-tuned 140hp, 2.2-litre engine variant starts at Rs 12.99 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi), making it more expensive than comparable Tata Safari Storme variants and just shy of the Tata Hexa and Mahindra’s own XUV500. So it doesn’t really come cheap. Also, there are still many rough edges with the facelift. The interiors are not all that great, imperfect fit and finish may show in places and some desirables, like an automatic transmission, are missing as well. But with the new-tuned mHawk140 engine, the Scorpio gets a boost in performance and fixes the weak top-end grunt that buyers complained about. The ample torque available throughout the rev range and the new six-speed gearbox should make it easy to, both, amble around in the city and drive briskly on the highway. Performance-wise, it is a big thumbs-up. Plus, the Scorpio still retains its traditional butch stance, so if you’ve been a fan of the Scorpio you’ll love the extra sting in its tail.

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