Merecedes Benz Maybach S Class Overview,Features,Specifications & Price In India


Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach S500 is one among the two variants in this expensive luxury model series. The car has been lavishly done up on all faces, from the inner comforts to the entertainment systems to the exterior glamor. The vehicle is powered by a gritty V8 engine, which is joined with a 7 speed automatic transmission for the best performance character. Altogether, it can soar to a top speed of 250kmph, which is a formidable figure indeed for its class and size. The company has imbued the exterior vision of the car with many plush elements and trendy items. The multi spoke alloy wheels, the polished body curvatures and the chrome highlights together make it a visual spectacle. The interior has been gifted with a host of comfort elements, from an electrically adjustable footrest to a parktronic system. The multi contour seating arrangement comes with hot stone massage and memory package. High value entertainment is enabled through the Burmester surround sound system. For the rear occupants, there is a rear entertainment system, which comes along with two 10 inch screens for the most engrossing experience. The cabin also comes with WiFi connectivity, and a unique COMAND online feature adds to the sophistication. A specialty of this vehicle is its panoramic sunroof, which gives occupants a more open and friendly environment for the drive. Beside comfort and entertainment, the cabin ensures a firm level of safety for its occupants with five 3 point seatbelts, pneumatically folding head restraints and advanced driver aids. The company has gifted it with its own unique PRE-SAFE concept, which keeps the security of the occupants intact.


On the looks front, the Maybach S600 looks quite similar to the regular Mercedes S-Class. The older generation Maybachs used to have a completely different styling and were sold independently under the Daimler umbrella and hence carried Maybach logos all around. The new generation carries the tri-star logo at most of the places while the exclusive Maybach logo sits comfortably on the C-pillar. The B-pillar comes finished in chrome which lends a rich look to the sedan while the chrome trims for the window surrounds complete the premium styling.The S-Class is already a very long car and the Maybach S600 is 207 mm longer than the S. This is quite evident when you look at the car and the extra body length lends the vehicle a very limousine-like look. Look closer and you realise that the bumpers have been given a mild tweak in design while the front grille has also been given a minor nip and tuck redesign. Thanks to the increased wheelbase, the rear seat gets pushed behind and hides behind the small window beside the C-pillar.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 has a lot of road presence for sure. With its rich styling, beautiful maroon shade and those 19-inch wheels, the luxury sedan looks royal when cruising down our roads. Mercedes also offers 20-inch wheels as an option but we think the 19-inch ones are far better suited here. However, to the layman, the Maybach S600 still resembles a normal S-Class and Mercedes could have really put the Manufaktur logo on the hood and bootlid instead of the C-pillar. Road presence is of course phenomenal thanks to the huge size of the luxo barge.


Let’s get to the real meat of this machine, the cabin. The entire reason you purchase anything with a Maybach badge is to be driven. Once you slide inside those new smaller doors and sink behind the C-pillar, you will start to notice all the new features and subtle details.Slide into the soft sculpted bucket seats that are covered in perforated leather and let your head sink into the over-padded headrests and relax. You are surrounded by massive amounts of leather, wood, metal, and most importantly, space. That eight-inch wheelbase stretch is found exclusively in the back seats. If you are in the passenger-side rear seat, you can use a chauffeur mode to move the front seat away from you, and there is a footrest that extends rewards so that you can recline and perhaps take a nap. The rear seats are both heated and cooled, and of course there is a massage function available.

If you like to get work done while on the go, there is a set of tables that extend out from the center console that will fold to either side to provide a stable work surface. These tables are made of high-quality alloys to reduce their weight, while enhancing their look and feel. Each of these tables also features a leather insert on the top to make for a comfortable place to write or rest your hands. If those hands get sweaty, you can just adjust the four-zone climate control to suit your needs.The front seats get some upgrades too. The front passenger has more legroom for starters, but the driver gets a few bonus goodies. The front armrest is wrapped in nicer Nappa leather, exclusive wood and chrome trim adorns the doors and the dash and fiber-optic cables in the cabin are used to create ambient light. When you need to speak to your rear passengers a special voice amplification system makes sure they can here you, and when they just want to relax and enjoy music a Burmester 3D surround audio system.

Perhaps the single most impressive feature of the cabin is its silence. Mercedes claims that thanks to a combination of new door seals, extra insulation and laminated glass, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the quietest production sedan in the entire world.


Powering the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is a V12 petrol motor, and the luxury car maker has made it a point that this is noticed by strategically placing several V12 brandings, including a couple on the rear passenger seats. This is the first Mercedes in India to get the 5,980cc biturbo petrol motor, and there couldn’t be a more deserving car than the Maybach S600.The 6.0-litre engine develops 523PS or peak power and has a torque rating of 830Nm. These humongous figures are delivered to the rear wheels through an automatic 7-speed speed transmission. At the push of a button, it cranks up with a beautiful V12 baritone from the exhausts that suit a dignified car of this demeanour. I couldn’t resist but to rhythmically tap on the accelerator in neutral which makes the car sway from side to side, as if enchanted by the throaty exhaust tune.The V12 6.0-litre engine develops 523PS or peak power and has a torque rating of 830Nm

Even with its weight and huge size, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 can be called anything but sloppy, claiming a 0-100kmph in just 5 seconds. Though in the real world it might take a second more to hit the tonne, but it’s not slow by any imagination. The gearbox further compliments the smooth nature of the V12, with its seamless shifts. Perhaps the only letdown is that the ‘box doesn’t respond as quickly as you would have liked.Am not sure how many prospective Maybach S600 clients will be interested in this, but it did manage to return close to 4kmpl in the city, with the best average fuel efficiency of around 5.3kmpl.


Effortless. That’s how the 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S600 and S550 4Matic feel when you’re behind the wheel. The steering is fairly light, and with lane keeping assist and/or Distronic Plus cruise control activated, it will even subtly steer the car for you. This quite obviously isn’t a sporty car, but you’ll be surprised at how adeptly this very large sedan will hunker down and go around a corner.

You may think you’ve enjoyed a comfortable ride before, but it most likely pales in comparison to the adjustable air suspension in the S550 4Matic. And yet, it actually gets better with the S600, which features Mercedes’ trick Magic Body Control that actually detects bumps ahead and preemptively adjusts the suspension to compensate. The system doesn’t work at all speeds and in all drive modes, but most of the time it makes bumps on the road virtually imperceptible.As for power, well, there’s no shortage of it. Both engines actually get the Maybach up to 60 mph at the same time in a sprint, but that’s due to the increased traction provided by the S550’s 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. In actually, the V12-powered S600 will feel like the stronger car. You won’t hear much from either, however: All noises are reduced to a whisper inside the cocoon-like cabin. Mercedes claims this is the quietest sedan in the world, and it’s an easy boast to believe.


As expected from a flagship model, the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 offers just about every comfort and safety feature as standard. The Burmester stereo offers one of the best audio experiences in a car and it only gets better in the Maybach. In terms of safety, the S-Class is the first car in India to offer 12 airbags. This includes the rear-seat beltbag, an inflatable seat-belt strap that reduces the load on the passenger’s ribcage in the event of an impact. The car also gets night vision with pedestrian detection.Mercedes Benz has provided this car with an advanced ventilated disc brakes for both the front and rear wheels. This braking function is further strengthened by the presence of Brake assist, ABS, traction control, brake drying and brake standby features.


The Maybach name died an inglorious death after years of half-hearted attempts to turn a Mercedes into a ultra-luxury car. Now Mercedes is back, but it’s finally embracing the idea that an S-Class can be luxurious enough to wear the Maybach badge with this new sub-branding exercise. With the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class buyers who would traditionally look to Bentley or Rolls Royce finally have a new car on the market that actually fits their preferences. It is filled with all the wood, leather, and metal you could ask for, has some of the best passenger-oriented luxury and technology features, and it all comes wrapped in a subtle Mercedes wrapper. This looks like it’s the real deal. The Maybach badge is once again relevant.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S Class S 500 Ex-showroom Price is   1,86,18,057/- and On Road Price is   2,12,26,716/- in New Delhi. Mercedes Benz Maybach S Class S 500 comes in 1 colours, namely .EMI Calculator

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